This is a classic of corny jokes. It’s better to catch it! But what about your toilet? This is not a joke! There are simple fixes that you can make yourself. These DIY instructions will help you address some of the most common causes of a running bathroom.


The flapper of your toilet, also known as its flush valve seal or the toilet tank drain plug, is the rubber part that covers the toilet tank’s bottom and holds back water until you flush again. A running toilet is often caused by defective flappers. Flappers can become brittle and allow water to flow through them. They can also be broken, warped or dirty.

This is an easy way to fix a flapper that has fallen off the chain. Flappers can be attached to the flapper chain for a low price and are easy to use. Make sure the flapper attaches to your chain at the middle of the flapper. You’ll avoid unwanted warping.

Flapper Chain

Your toilet will stop running incessantly if it has a chain attached to it. Tangled chains will prevent your toilet’s flapper from closing properly and allow water to continue to flow into the bowl. Either a too-long or too-short chain will not work. A chain that is too long will cause the flapper to stop closing and make it run constantly. Your flush won’t be strong if the chain is too long.

Your chain should have a minimum of one inch of slack. Anything more than that and it will become tangled. You can cut your chain to achieve this length, or move the clip down to make it shorter, or buy a new one. Some chains have floaters. If yours has, you can move the float up so that it rests on the tank’s water surface.


Your toilet’s float is a plastic balloon that informs you when your tank is full. There are two types of toilet floats. A cup float and a ball flopper. Your float should not be set too high. The tank will continue to run if the water level is higher than the pipe.

To make a ballfloat, bend your arm so that it is lower. Slide the cup float down the central tube to make it float.


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