Many property and home owners might wonder if they can save their carpet and pad after a flood. Carpeting can be a costly investment. It is cheaper to keep it than replace it. However, the success of flooded carpet cleaning depends upon many factors.

These are important factors. It is important to understand the type of floodwater that is involved in carpet cleaning. We classify floodwater in three categories within the water damage restoration industry.

These are the three main types floodwaters

Category 1 – Water from a pipe broken or rainwater that isn’t mixed with contaminants. Carpets damaged by Category 1 water can be saved if they have been dampened for less than 24 hours. The water could “degrade” to Category 2. Proper sanitation and remediation can be used to restore padding and carpet.

Category 2 – Greywater can cause sickness if swallowed, or if it comes in contact with the body. This includes toilet overflows from dishwashers or washing machines, toilet overflows without solid matter, broken aquariums and sump pump failures. This type of loss requires that the padding be replaced, but the carpet can still be salvaged. If a Category 2 loss is not treated within 24 hours, it will become a Category 3.

Category 3 – Blackwater highly contaminated by pathogens or harmful agents and/or materials. These include sewage, toilet backups, flooding from oceanwater, rivers and streams, as well as water from storms, hurricanes or other weather-related events. It is almost impossible to clean a carpet that has been flooded by Category 3 water.

Each water damage situation is unique. You cannot determine if your carpet or pad can be saved unless you have a professional inspect it. The costs of cleaning up a disaster are lower if it is reported quickly. 

Flooded carpet cleaning: Do it yourself or hire a professional?

Professional carpet cleaning is better than DIY water extraction. Professional extraction and drying equipment can handle shop vacuums, towels, and ceiling fans. An expert can assess the whole incident, and mitigate and remedy the loss.

The mitigation process must be started immediately. Carpets can be permanently damaged if they are not treated immediately. A professional restoration company will be able to save your carpet. They are equipped with the expertise and tools to efficiently clean and dry the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning is possible to bring your carpets back to life, except in cases of flooding with blackwater. It is not about replacing but restoring. By avoiding high replacement costs, a professional can help you to save money.

Always contact your insurance company after any flooding event. While your homeowner’s policy may cover flood damage, some flooding losses are not. You might need separate flood insurance for those. If your insurance policy covers the loss, you should immediately take photographs and videos of the damage and file an insurance claim. You may be referred to a reliable restoration company by your insurance agent.


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