Your property can be damaged by water in many ways. Sometimes the damage to your property is restricted to the ceiling or kitchen. Other times you might not be so fortunate. If the water damage is extensive, like in a basement flood, you might have to throw away many of your belongings during the cleanup and restoration. Sometimes, however, you might be able salvage some of your possessions. These principles may help you save a mattress that has been damaged by water.

As soon as possible, take care of the damage

Water damage can be dealt with by following a simple principle: time is crucial. You must act quickly to prevent further damage. 

The more time you wait, the more likely the mold will grow in your mattress and become an integral part of it. The mold can cause you to stop sleeping on the mattress. It is important to not leave the mattress wet for more than 48 hours. The restoration process should be started as soon as possible.

Dry it

Be sure to dry the mattress completely before you start to get creative with your restoration. To get rid of moisture, the first step is to place the mattress in direct sunlight. When it comes to drying out the mattress’ moisture, the heat from the sun is extremely effective.

Relax and let the sun do its work. Don’t try to hurry the process. It should be left out in the sun for at least one to two days, so that there are no moisture traces and mold growth is minimized.

Vacuum It

After drying the mattress completely, vacuum it thoroughly. For this task, a nozzle vacuum cleaner is the best. To ensure nothing is left, cover every inch of the mattress. Some mattresses have an option to remove the top fabric. This will let you access the inner material.

You can check the mattress for dryness if you have one. Use your vacuum to thoroughly clean the mattress. After you are done, wet a clean cloth with an alcohol solution and wipe down the entire mattress.

A Sniff Test

After everything is dry, take a look at the mattress for any musty or mildew odors. It is possible that the mattress will be damaged by moisture, despite all the drying and vacuuming. You may need to throw it out if that is the case. It’s not worth the risk of a moldy mattress.


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