Since the early 1900s, chrome fixtures have been a popular choice for many homes. Chrome fixtures are a great choice for all types of decor. It is important to keep chrome free from rust because it is such an iconic feature. These are some simple tips to remove rust from chrome bathroom fixtures, and how to keep them looking cleaner for longer periods of time.

Rust Removal Method 1: The Aluminum Foil Method

Because it’s so easy and inexpensive, this method is extremely popular online. Aluminum reacts chemically to rust and causes it to be easy to scrape off. Aluminum is also less likely to scratch chrome surfaces than other metals because it is soft. You can rub the rusty surface with aluminum foil, dipped into saltwater, and your chrome will look like new. Wear gloves, however.

Rust Removal Method 2: The Mild Acid Method

There is a good chance that you have at most one form of mild acid in your home. This mold is apt for sodas containing phosphoric acid. However, lime juice or vinegar can be used if you don’t want to drink it. These solutions are gentle enough not to harm chrome but strong enough to remove rust. Make sure you wash the chrome first and let it sit in the acid for around 15 minutes. After that, the rust should be easily removed. Be sure to clean up any rust residue after you’re done.

Rust Removal Method 3: The Chrome Polish Method

There are no gimmicks. Chrome Polish is the best way to remove rust off chrome surfaces. It is however the most costly. First wash the surface and then polish it with brass or steel wool. You should not apply too much pressure to the chrome. Next, rinse off the polish and inspect for any blemishes. To prevent water spots from forming, clean the surface.

Commercial and Residential Property Damage Restoration

It is possible for homeowners to come up with innovative solutions to remove rust from chrome surfaces. It is not always easy to clean up rust on chrome surfaces.


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